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Let's Be Frank

You would not be looking at this site unless you were feeling the frustration brought on by conflict in this family-business. Either you think a crisis is brewing or you know full well that you are already in a full-blown catastrophe. 

You may be one of the owners, a family member, a concerned employee, or a trusted advisor. Whatever your role, you understand that the value of this family and the value of this business is far too significant to experience a “crash and burn.” 

In your capacity, you have personally experienced the predicament that poor communication, unresolved conflict between family members, favoritism, attitudes of entitlement, or ownership interest disputes have upon the family-business. 

You also likely believe this family-business has the grit to engage the complex issues. You think it is time for all parties to quit avoiding the visible and invisible hurdles staring them in the face. You know the current approaches to conflict resolution are not working, and it is time to bring in outside help, specializing in conflict management and communication. 


Not For The Faint-of-Heart

If you are no longer able to deny the seriousness of your family-business conflicts, it is time to make some tough decisions. You obviously have not been able to fix these conflicts yourself, or you would have done so long ago. Unlike yourself, many family-business owners are too afraid to confront their problems. Unfortunately, these families and or businesses often became shredded. 

Just by looking at this site (or others like it) shows you are ahead of the average family-business.  There are 5 tasks ahead of you:

#1. The first task for finding a solution to your unique family-business conflicts is to realize you have a problem. 

#2. The second task is to decide you will do something about the issue. 

#3. The third task is to choose an advisor with whom you can trust. If Family-Business Conflicts (FBC) passes this test, together we will discover with our solution-focused approach, the reason all those in-your-face conflicts are happening so often. 

#4. Next, we will develop measurable goals for managing and resolving your disputes.

#5. Finally, together, we will establish and fulfill strategies for achieving those goals. 

No, this work is not for the faint-of-heart. But it IS for those who are dedicated to having a healthy family and business. 



Tim Berry is a  business psychologists who works in harmony with local accountants, attorneys, and investment strategists. He has  been working with conflicts in family-business for over 20 years. He thrives on sharing his experience and knowledge to help you manage the roller coaster of conflict. His track record proves that clear communication and expert collaboration can bring renewed life to your family and your business. 

Why a Psychologist... We Aren't Crazy?

A common misunderstanding is that psychologists are only for "crazy" people. But did you know that most professional sports teams hire a psychologist? Those coaches see the value of using psychological insight and principles to help their teams perform at a higher level. 

Likewise, many of our country's most productive businesses hire business psychologists to deal with issues of conflict management and communication, which impair company performance. 

As a business psychologist, Tim has spent years helping family-businesses unravel the stranglehold of internal conflicts. He works solo or brings in other professionals to create a team in especially complex assignments.

There is Hope

We love to see family-businesses prosper. Even though you may feel that the situation could become, or is already hopeless, we encourage you to focus on solutions. 


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